Beta Green Energy and Iffen (Beta-Iffen) trains professions of the future using state of the art technology i.e. Virtual Reality. We believe in providing training through visual which is the best form of learning. Combining with VR technology tools, equipment and facility will give valuable results in most practical and pragmatic way. Indeed, renewable energy is a highly demanding employable sector where the employers expect their employees to be a highly skilled employee and become an expert in their field. This is where we come into the picture to fulfil our client’s requirement by providing world class VR training solutions to your talented employees.

We provide training for employees covering many fields: thermal engineering, climate engineering, refrigeration engineering, electrical engineering, renewable energy, safety, environment, collective kitchen and food hygiene.

We offer short and long courses in these areas, which can lead to a professional qualification. Our training aims to develop the talents and skills of your employees.

Finally, in addition to technical training, we also provide its customers and partners with its technical platforms to perform pre-employment positioning tests for manufacturers.

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