Natural Circulation Kits

The solar panel (collector) casing is made of specially designed extruded aluminium profile powder coated, without any external connections, screws, nuts or rivets. It has a special slot for the rubber sealing making it 100% watertight. At the same time the powerful support system will resist any weather conditions even typhoons.

The rockwool 40mm (50kg/m3) insulation of the solar panel (collector) will maintain very high temperatures, which along with the other technical characteristics, achieve an incredible high efficiency.

The absorber is composed of a full face copper sheet with blue super selective titanium coating of 0.20mm thickness (selective or non-selective aluminum absorbers are also available) and is welded to the copper pipes by ultrasonic or laser welding.

The primary heliothermic liquid achieves maximum transfer of heat to the water in the tank and at the same time protects the collector from scaling, rusting, freezing and overheating. The “heliothermic liquid” will last for a lifetime without needing to be replaced.

The solar panel’s glazing is 4 mm low iron solar prismatic tempered glass and ensures maximum penetration of irradiation. It is oven-treated at 700 ºC, achieving maximum strength and durability.

A special EPDM rubber profile ensures 100% water and vapor sealing. The rubber profile is covered by an aluminium profile on the top and sides of the solar water heater collector, protecting it from damage during transportation, stocking or installation.

Special blind rivet nuts on the back of the aluminium profile allows easy installation on: Flat roofs: the complete set of supports makes installation on flat roofs just simple. This aesthetic result proves the superiority design achieving a maximum height of 1m.

The pure magnesium anode effectively protects the cylinder from electrolysis, hence solar water heaters will never experience internal corrosion of the cylinder.

Very cloudy days are no problem due to plenty of hot water, thanks to the backup electric heater.

The thermostat with thermal cut out safety feature regulates the desired temperature of the hot water, with precision.

Forced Circulation Kits

The Forced Circulation Kits ensure supreme quality and incomparable advantages. Below are the specific characteristics of the Forced Circulation kits along with the details.
Model FCK-150 FCK-200 FCK-300 FCK-420 FCK-500
StorageTank BL1-150ltr BL2-200ltr BL2-300ltr BL2-420ltr BL2-500ltr
ClimasolCollector 1×2.70m² 2×2.00m² 3×2.50m² 3×2.70m² 4×2.00m²
PressureRegulator 1 1 1 1 1
SolarStation(pumpcontrolunit) 1 1 1 1 1
Expansiontank25ltr 1 1 1 1 1
SupportFrame 1×1 1×2 1×1+1×2 1×1+1×2 2×2
SetofFittingAccessories 1 1 1 1 1
Antifreeze“glycol”18kg 1 2 3 3 4

• BL1 = Storage tank with 1 heat exchanger
• BL2 = Storage tank with 2 heat exchangers / Optional electric element 2-4kW

• Maximizes efficiency
• Best aesthetic results
• Easy to install (tile or flat roof)
• Compatible with most types of auxiliary heating
• Supplied in one package
• Forced Circulation Kits are produced under rigorous quality management system ISO 9001:2008, Certified by TUV Germany
• Solar collectors have been certified according to EN 12975-1 & EN 12975-2 and are granted the Solar Key – mark.
• Only top quality certified raw materials are used in production plant.

Solar Collectors

A great variety of solar collectors by the leading manufacturer and supplier of flat plate collectors provided with a table and information including specifications and technical data of the flat plate collectors.

Thermosiphon Solar System

Thermosiphonic circulation: It is a natural phenomenon that is the principle of function of a thermosiphonic solar system.When a liquid is absorbing thermal energy, molecular motion is created inside its mass. Hotter molecules being lighter are moving to the upper layers of its mass and the colder are moving to the lower layers.


  • Frame consisting of powder coated aluminium profile 1.0 mm thick
  • Prismatic tempered security glass 3.2 mm thick of stable thermal expansion coefficient, low iron with high transmission rate
  • Backside is rock-wool density 35 kg/m³, and the side density is 60 kg/m³
  • Backside cover made of Galvani zed sheet 0.5mm thick screwed to the Aluminium frame thru EPDM gasket from external side and a silicon layer from internal side
  • Absorber made of Aluminium sheet 0.5mm thick coated with selective mirotherm
  • Risers of absorber are made of copper tubes Ø 8mm and two copper manifolds Ø 22mm

Storage Tank Boilers

Boilers are considered one of the few products that is utilizing high-standard technological equipment, guaranteeing excellent quality electric water heaters, electric water boilers and solar tanks. The special innovations, functional and flexible designing have helped to rank our products first in consumers’ preference.

We offer an extensive range of large floor standing boilers, which are produced according to the strictest European standards and specifications.

Boilers can be supplied in 7 different sizes -150 to 1000 lt- in single, double or triple energy supply source, in 5 different colors, suitable for apartments, villas, companies or hotels. Water is heated by solar collectors and central heating, or even from electric resistance.

The main advantage of Floor Standing Boilers is the ultimate protection of their bodies, which are enamelled by using an advanced double “direct” method, “fired” at 840°C. Consequently, glass covers internally the whole body, providing clean drinking water and hygiene for the whole family.

The preparation and dry cleaning of the internal surface is carried out with modern automatic sand blasting equipment, ensuring the best adhesive results, without using any dangerous chemical substances. Therefore, water heaters and boilers have a long life span, even when using water with high salt content.

The double endurance and impermeability tests, and the high quality extra thick steel plate guarantee boiler resistance in high pressures than can reach up to 10 bar.

The environment friendly, high density, ecological polyurethane insulation minimizes the heat loss and maximizes economy in operation, since heat is retained for days.

The large surface of the heat exchangers make Boilers extremely fast in producing hot water, whether heated by central heating or solar energy.

The large side flange and the additional top flange of the magnesium anode, permit easier and more efficient cleaning and maintenance of the interior of the boilers.

Solar Heating - Air Conditioning

Special solar panels, blue titanium oxide selective surface with high performance are produced for this application, having as a result the production of hot water at high temperature.

Special solar absorption chiller convert the hot water produced by solar collectors into chilled water and supply it to the air handling units providing room cooling. The same solar system is also used for heating during winter the hot water is passing through the air conditioning circuit, providing room heating.

Solar Heating - Air Collectors

“AIR-SOL” SOLAR HEATER is made for space heating, dehumidification and ventilation of buildings with hot air.

The basic principle of this system is the following: Solar radiation passes through the highly transmissive glazing and reaches the absorber. The selective absorber transforms the radiation into heat, which is heating the air passing through. The solar-heated air is transferred into the building, by a ventilator, operated by photovoltaic panel.

The fresh air enters the device after being filtered, to be free from any particles and dust.

The ventilator of the collector is powered by greed or photovoltaic power and an automatic control ensures that the system works even when nobody is in the building, keeping buildings warm, fresh and dry without any odors.

The solar heater ”AIR-SOL” is produced in 3 sizes with ”blue selective” surface made of full face selective aluminium sheet for maximum efficiency

AIRSOL 10 1545x700x178 1,08 700Wp 10 to 40 m²
AIRSOL 20 2050x1040x195 2,13 1500Wp 20 to 60 m²
AIRSOL 35 2833x1285x140 3,65 2700Wp 35 to 100 m²

Commercial applications with collectors in series

• Industry
• Schools
• Super markets
• Offices
• Army camps
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Gyms
• Warehouses

Direct heating for free with solar energy:

• Saving of fuel for heating from 50-80% in houses or commercial buildings.
• Ideal for country weekend houses, keeping them hot and fresh.
• No more humidity.
• Ideal for places that need heating and air renewal such as schools, offices, factories
• Ideal for closed rooms such as underground warehouses etc.
• Very easy installations even “do it your self”

In general wherever you need heating, dehumification, and filtered fresh air. It can be used either as the only source of heating or as a back-up one. It can be combined with any oil or natural gas boiler (burner).

Swimming Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heating: a pioneering, eco friendly and cost-effective application!

Special flexible collectors made of polypropylene plastic are placed on any flat or sloping surface. The water in the swimming pool passes directly through the solar pool heating panels, which warm it and return it back to the pool.

This solar heating system is an amazing, economical solution for every pool, with no operation and maintenance costs.

The all-plastic solar collectors are produced by its unique, patented Over-Molding Injection Technology resulting in seamless, leak-proof, integrally molded thermoplastic units that heat large bodies of water by sun radiation at low and medium temperatures.

It is a “smart modular” collector that adjusts the size according to the pool size. Made entirely from a special plastic “PP”, resistant material, both in adverse weather conditions, and in the most unfavourable characteristics of the water.

It is starring in efficiency and savings. The most intelligent solution for pool heating homes, hotels, sports centers, gyms.

It is able to utilize the maximum solar energy, in any season of the year and comes with guaranteed operation and performance for 10 years.


1. High performance
It operates perfectly even in the most limited solar radiation.
2. Safe to use
Doesn’t overheat
3. Special design
Ensures tight fastening and mounting of the panels to the roof.
4. Excellent adaptation to the environment. A look and feeling of high quality
5. Low total cost
The most affordable package (purchase, operation and maintenance) compared with other energy sources.
6. Easy installation and fast assembly
Makes the most of every available space with little weight.
7. For a life time
It guarantees excellent operation for many years. It is not affected by chemicals. It doesn’t retain salty water.

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