MDB Brake Unit

Designed for inverters, MDB Series brake unit transmits the regenerative energy from the motor to the brake resistor to release them. If a motor is used to brake, the electricity generated during braking phase will be fed back into the superior variable frequency equipment, arising DC bus voltage of the device increase, causing safety and proper operation problems.

Connected in parallel to the DC bus of the frequency devices, MDB braking units will limit the bus voltage to an acceptable level and transfer the regenerative braking energy to an external brake resistor, which releases the braking thermal energy.

Via the DC bus terminal braking unit is directly connected to the converter or inverter. When the DC bus voltage reaches a predetermined limit, the brake unit works automatically to prevent the DC bus voltage continue to grow. Running process of brake unit has no relationship with converter/inverter.

DC bus voltage supplies the power for electronic devices of brake unit.

To improve braking power several brake units can be connected in parallel.