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Laboratory Furniture

It's remarkable to see how much the ways in which laboratories are used have changed and how much they continue to evolve. Being tasked with running a laboratory comes with many challenges. At some point, every lab manager will be forced to deal with one or more of the following concerns.

  • How does an organization efficiently and cost effectively add new laboratory space?
  • How can we perform multidisciplinary activities under one roof?
  • Is it possible to refresh, modify or replace the existing facilities, furniture and equipment?
  • How can cost, effectively adapt to labs changing needs?
For laboratory managers seeking answers to these burning questions, modular laboratory design has emerged as an innovative solution. In addition to their ease of use, mobility and flexibility, modular laboratories offer some unique features including point-of-use ultrapure water systems, localized vacuum systems, ductless fume hoods and labor-saving devices that are conveniently hitched onto walls and ceilings.
BETA is having business tie ups with reputed manufacturers of Laboratory furniture whose quality constantly approved by SEFA,USA .