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Solar Panels – One time Investment Lifetime Savings

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There are several reasons why you should get solar installers in Dubai to install solar panels at your home. The first such reason is that it would reduce your energy bills by a significant margin. You should know that solar energy is much cheaper than the electricity that you are getting from the grid. In fact, the cost of the energy that you are getting from a diesel generator or an inverter would be around 2 to 3 times more than what your grid energy would charge you. It is possible that depending on factors such as where you are living and the kind of consumer you are you would be able to reduce your monthly electricity bills by around 40 percent.

The investment is safe and the returns are high 

You can be sure that when you are giving the solar panel dealers in Dubai a call you are making an investment that is as safe as it goes. The returns on this are on the higher side as well. In fact, experts say that when compared to traditional investments such as FDs (fixed deposits), stock markets, and mutual funds returns on these are higher. It helps that the money you save on these solar panels is nontaxable.

Minimal maintenance for life 

While doing solar panel installation in Dubai you should know that as long as the panels are functional you would need to perform minimal maintenance work on them. You can install them and basically almost forget about them as well. However, you need to make sure that you clean the modules on a regular basis. In fact, if you are a family it would be as simple as like watering your plants. Even if you are a commercial entity your housekeeping staff should not have much problem in doing such work.

It is environment-friendly

As far as solar lights in Abu Dhabi are concerned this should be common knowledge basically. We all want the cleanest possible environment for our families as well as the generations that are to succeed us. However, the sad reality is that the world is becoming more toxic by the day. This has happened because fossil fuels are being used in an indiscriminate way. This, in turn, is leading to various forms of pollution such as land, air, and water pollution. The thing with solar energy is that it would not strain our ecosystem.


As solar installers in Dubai would tell you the best thing about solar energy is that anyone can use it. If you live in an area that is naturally blessed in terms of sunlight there is nothing stopping you from using the same. This is because Sun never discriminates on whom it shines on. So, it doesn’t matter who you are in life – a small factory owner or the head honcho of a major company – you would have equal access to sunlight. No matter what kind of energy requirements you have there is always some solar solution or the other waiting for you.

Solar Services

Responsibilities of Dedicated and Efficient Solar Companies

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These days, solar lights trading in Dubai are one industry that is doing rather well and much of this is because of the fact that a lot of companies in this sector are now getting changed to proper business establishments that have a business motive in mind. They are looking to sell more solar powered devices to all sorts of clients – commercial and residential. In some cases, these companies have only started their business a few days back while in other cases they have already been there for quite a period of time and have thus earned a degree of reputation.

Technological improvement

These solar companies in UAE (United Arab Emirates) are also helping matters by improving the technology that they are offering to their clients. This means that they are offering you all a chance at greater energy efficiency – the quality of the solar-powered devices being offered by them is definitely on the up.

What special features are these companies coming up with?

There is nothing to deny the fact that these companies are in strong competition with each other in the market for these products. This is the reason why they are always trying their level best to come up with new features that are able to wow their buyers.

Why is this being done?

This is being done so that when people think of solar companies in Dubai it is only them that they think of. They are focusing on the most essential energy features as well as ones that are more specialized in nature. They are attempting to be as innovative and unique as they possibly can be. They are improving areas such as panels and fuel cells along with the latest technology in this regard. Thanks to the efforts being put in by these companies these cells are becoming more power efficient. This also means that now you can save more on utility bills.

In fact, the solar system companies in Dubai are also making it easier now to install these devices. They have done this by focusing on increasing the levels of safety associated with such work.

It also helps that these modern devices are light in terms of weight and this means that they are highly portable as well. This means that you can place them at any part of your roof and that too with a great degree of ease. You can place them in such a way that they get the best amount of sunlight straight away without any interruption.


This would also mean that it now becomes easier for these devices to convert all this stored energy from sunlight to electricity that you can use as and when you need the same. For this due credit needs to be given to companies that are in the business of solar lights trading in Dubai. In fact, you would realize the true value of such electricity when you have a power cut or some other similar problem. In such circumstances, you can easily use the power that is stored in those generators.

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Different Types Of Solar Panel Installations

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With fossil fuel resources getting limited as days pass and the electricity bills being spiked up, it is necessary to shift towards an environmental-friendly, economic and efficient means of energy. Solar energy is one such viable alternative to the conventional sources of energy. It is an environment-friendly and unlimited source of energy which will never get depleted with time.

Recent years have witnessed the increasing demand for solar panel installations across industrial and domestic infrastructures. Dubai citizens have preferred to shift towards solar energy for their electricity, mainly due to the affordable solar panel cost in Dubai. With leading solar companies in Dubai manufacturing, the best solar panel installations with sophistication and advancement in technology, Dubai has taken advantage of its heat and solar intensity to convert to an unlimited supply of electricity throughout the city.

Types of solar panels

Solar panel installations are generally made of three types: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film panels.

  • Monocrystalline solar panels: Monocrystalline solar panel consists of black solar cells on which the light interacts with a single crystal. They are found to be highly efficient and have the highest power capacity when compared to the other two types. However, these panels are the most expensive of all, owing to the costs incurred for the manufacturing of panels using single silicon crystals. Monocrystalline solar panels are best for limited spaces. They help in saving a lot of money on electricity bills.
  • Polycrystalline solar panels: Polycrystalline solar panels are made up of silicon crystal fragments that are melted before creating silicon wafers. They tend to have a bluish hue, unlike black monocrystalline panels. Although they do not produce efficient electricity like monocrystalline panels, they are comparatively affordable. Since they don’t require a pure silicon crystal, the solar cell manufacturing process is relatively simple. Property owners having large space can opt for polycrystalline solar panels as they are low cost.
  • Thin-film solar panels: Thin-film solar panels are manufactured using a variety of materials, the most common being Cadmium Telluride. They are slim when compared to other types of panels. The colour of the panel may vary based on the type of material used. They tend to have lower power capacity and efficiency when compared to monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels. The cost of these solar panels depends on the material with which the solar panel is made of.However, this type of solar panel is cheaper when compared to monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels. Thin-film solar panels can be installed for commercial buildings and as portable solar systems in boats.

It is recommended to purchase solar panels from leading solar panel companies in Dubai which are experienced in renewable energy training. Installing these solar panels require technical professionals who have sufficient solar installation training and in-depth knowledge of the setup.


Whatever the type of solar panel is, it ensures that you save a lot of money on electricity bills and reduces the carbon emissions due to fossil fuels, which in turn helps in transforming to a greener tomorrow.

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Need For Awareness About Solar Panel Installations

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In the current era, solar energy is a major renewable energy source with the potential to face any potential consequences of the globe. Photovoltaic and solar-thermal panels produce open energy by transferring beams of light from the sun into energy and power. In a nutshell, converting the sun’s heat to electricity.

Since solar panels offer numerous benefits like reducing energy bills, diverse applications and low maintenance cost many consumers are oriented towards this new technology yet we need to consider a few things and have to be aware of certain things before solar panel installation.

Things to know before solar panel installation

Gone were those days when solar panel installation was an expensive affair and was an out of reach technique for most consumers. However, as years progressed and technology advanced, the cost of solar panel installation has reduced and the number of installations increased. However, there are few things that have to be taken into consideration before hiring services who have the highest level of excellence in solar technology training.

  • Having the right weather is essential – Weather plays a crucial role and can immensely impact solar panels. Most solar panels are built to handle a wide range of climates and conditions, including heavy rain, hail, wind, heat and cold. However, to get the most energy efficiency, the panels should get a lot of sunlight.
  • Will our roof support solar panels– Some roofs are better for solar panels than others, however, when we don’t want our roof to get damaged, then installing the solar panel from a licensed solar system training professionals is highly encouraged. The most preferred roof types are composite and tile yet torch down, wood shake and even foam can be a choice.
  • Which kind of solar panel can be right for us– If we are installing solar panels for residential purposes then monocrystalline and polycrystalline are more popular choices. These panels have the potential to convert sunlight into electricity and thermal. However, we need to evaluate the panels properly and determine their efficiency before buying one.
  • Will our panels connect to the grid– Basically, the invertors are connected to the panel to convert DC energy to AC energy. We can expect varying amounts of efficiency based on the place we live in. Also, we need to ensure whether the electricity providers can connect us to the grid and how much we need to pay for their services.

Because of the increasing popularity of this phenomenon, solar jobs have risen rapidly in the last decade. Solar panel training has become the required skilled workforce and is increasing in demand. There is a countless number of funding programs which deals everything about the solar energy technologies that increase the number of veterans in the solar workforce. People who participate in these kinds of training can take advantage of solar career map to explore additional opportunities for their progress and promotion.

Solar Services

Know the Hidden Benefits of Solar Energy

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Solar energy decreases our dependence on fossil fuels, and it also preserves our natural resources for future generations to use. It is eco-friendly and among the most desirable alternative sources, being a reliable source of energy derived from the sun. A large number of solar power companies have come into existence today with many benefits associated with them. Following are a few hidden benefits of Solar Energy.

  • Green Energy and the Job opportunities that come with it

Renewable energy helps in increasing the employment rate because of the need for improvement in the technological sector, also owing to the continuous growth and demand for renewable energy. The rising obligation of green energy and its technological development means that new opportunities in the professional world are created every day in the renewable energy industry. Green energy production generated close to 7 million new jobs worldwide in 2014, according to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

  • Economic Advantages of Green Energy

Government organizations from all around the world look to collect taxes when it comes to certain projects that revolve around renewable energy. This helps to improve and evolve public services and other related facilities. Also making solar energy price almost free in the long run. Jobs being created directly in the renewable energy industry are giving other related sectors a ripple effect. Even green – energy – free enterprises often directly benefit from household and business employment growth.

  • Energy Independence through Green Energy

Renewable energy helps to reduce the nation’s dependence on oil imports or other sources as green energy foundations have no import requirement. This thus helps to drastically reduce costs or the need for other foreign nations to waste money on coal and oil.

  • Inexhaustible Renewable Energy Source

Renewable sources are inexhaustible, which means regular and generally quick recharging. Regular assets, for example, wind, daylight, water, and geothermal warmth could conceivably give a surplus to the vitality needs of the whole nation. Furthermore, not at all like our limited petroleum product supply, sustainable wellsprings of vitality are endless and in nonstop supply.

  • Power Remote Areas

Connecting remote areas with national electrical matrix is quite tricky. But even remote areas can get electricity through the use of solar energy. Also, mounting solar systems in remote areas is more cost – effective than laying cables with high voltage.

  • Installable on Rooftops

Solar panels can be installed easily on the rooftops, wiping out the space constraint issue. So when the solar energy equipment supplier establishes the solar sources and the plant it may be quite expensive, but they guarantee free power supply, ultimately paying for themselves on a long – term basis.

  • Silent

It is generally seen that heavy noise is produced by energy generated either from natural resources or other renewable energy sources such as wind turbines. Solar energy, however, quietly creates power without worrying about sound pollution. Solar panel installation in Dubai can be the best way to redeem hassle-free electricity.

Solar Services

Choosing the Right Solar Panels Installation Company

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With solar power being one of the most sought after energy source, it is environment-friendly as well as saves money. While burning of the non-renewable resources to generate electricity and other power options is something that is destroying our planet, creating energy from the sun’s rays is an eco-friendly option.

While sun’s rays are abundant, capturing them with the help of solar panels is what allows the generation of power and later made use of. Ever since countries around the world have realized the adverse effects of climate change, there are more and more manufacturers for solar panels. This has allowed individuals as well as organizations to purchase them from solar panels suppliers in Dubai and use them.

While solar panels cannot be installed by any layman, there is a need for expert intervention. When it comes to choosing a solar installation company, you should follow the right steps. Read on to know how.

Look up the Internet

While solar panels and its installation by solar panels suppliers in Dubai is something that is not unheard of, there is a demand for it everywhere. That is the reason why there are several installation companies out there who are ready to help. When you place your search, you are likely to come across several names. When choosing one over several, you need to look into their years of experience, their expertise and whether they can help you with the type of solar panel that you have purchased. Along with that, there is the need to check their license and whether they are equipped to install solar panels or not. All of these can be found out from their websites and online reviews.

Ask your acquaintances

Since solar panel installation by solar panels suppliers in Dubai is in demand, it is something that your acquaintances may also have opted for. When you ask them to help you, there would be at least someone who has installed solar panels at home or their office premises. This would give you a firsthand review on whether they were good with the installation. While they do you assure you, it is always better to cross-check and verify if they can help you with the installation or not. They may want to know about the type of solar panel that you have purchased, that gives them an idea of how to help you.

Ask them for installation quotes

Since solar panels are a one-time installation and only needs maintenance from time to time, the installers may charge you a good sum of money. Just because solar panels capture, natural light doesn’t mean that you pay a lot of money for its installation. Asking several installation professionals for solar panels in Dubai for quotes can help you. When you compare quotes along with what the Internet and acquaintances suggest, you may get an idea of what they should be charging you.

Since you would be installing solar panels for long-term benefits, it is essential that you get help from people who are licensed and experienced with solar panels in Dubai. While you have invested, you wouldn’t want it to turn out to be a liability.

Solar Services

What makes Solar Lights Reliable

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There are plenty of factors that make solar light so reliable. These days, it has become easier to get hold of companies that are in the business of solar light trading in Dubai. You can be sure that you would get top quality products from them. The first such benefit is that it is an environment-friendly alternative. This is especially when you compare the various forms of energy that we use on a regular basis these days. In this case, there is no power coming from the grid. These systems are powered by solar energy, which happens to be the top name when it comes to renewable energy technologies of the world. The batteries in these cases get all their energy from sunlight throughout the day.

It also helps that these batteries are totally recyclable as well. This is the reason why so many people prefer buying from solar light trading in Dubai companies these days.

Inexpensive installation

This has got to be the second biggest benefit of such lights. You can install them by spending only a little amount of money. In certain cases, this need is much lower than what you have to spend when you have to get power from the grid to a location where you need the same. In this case, too you get poles erected much the same way it happens with normal light that is powered by the electrical grid.

In the case of companies that provide solar light trading in Dubai, you may get some large footers as well. But, in these cases, there is no conduit running underground. Under normal circumstances, such conduits start from the main power source and then they continue from one pole to another.

Little or no maintenance

This is also a major benefit of having such a form of energy. From a practical point of view, you do not really need to spend any money to maintain these lights. This is especially true in the last couple of decades where LED (light emitting diode) fixtures have become really popular because of the long lifespan of the products.

If your solar light trading in Dubai company can install the products correctly you can be sure that you would not need to maintain them before 5 or 7 years. This is especially true of the commercial solar lighting systems that have batteries that have been built to last that long.

No energy bills

When you use solar powered lights you are not using any electrical energy as such. This means that you do not have to pay any electrical bills as well.

In case of installing a commercial system by solar light trading in Dubai Company, the costs can indeed be a tad intimidating. However, when you compare the overall savings that you can make in this regard should assuage such worries in the end. When you are using these systems on a commercial basis you can be sure that you would get a number of financial incentives as well and they would help you address the issue of the initial expenses in a more than adequate manner.

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How to begin your dream career in the solar industry

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The solar sector has risen dramatically over the past few years. It has made constant improvements in numerous areas and with its rising demand; you can easily get a good job in this sector. The following points will help you:

Get the required training

To start your career in the solar industry, you will need to get the required training. The training will ensure that you know how to perform the various tasks assigned to you. There are plenty of ways you can get this knowledge. Finding good providers of solar energy training is not a hard task as well. You can easily find them by searching online. When you will get your solar power training from a reputed provider, you will not face problems in learning as well.

Reputed and experienced trainers recognize the difficult aspects and they describe them clearly. Removing your doubts and confusion regarding the solar industry will be a much simpler task when you will have the guidance of a good mentor. It will help you avoid any mistakes in your journey as well.

Understand the work in the industry

Taking solar energy training is the first step. Apart from that, you will also need to understand the different roles one needs to play in this industry. You should also realize that it is not necessary for you to be an engineer if you want to get a job in this sector. It is a relatively new field and there is a huge demand for professionals with different areas of expertise.

If you have been in a field where some hands-on work is required, you can certainly choose to work in this sector. That’s because you will need to perform installations and setups of different sets of equipment. Apart from that, the industry also requires supervisors and managers who have the ability to oversee different projects and make sure that they undergo properly. As you can see, there are plenty of different kinds of professionals

Build a good network

After getting the solar power training, you will not have to face any difficulty in order to get a good job. However, you will also need to put effort into developing a good network. You should first take a look at your own network and see if anyone works in a solar energy company. This will help you in avoiding a number of difficulties.

You can ask around and this will help you find out about any good openings in this field as well. If you take the help of a good trainer then they will be able to help you in this regard as well.


The above set of tips should have helped you to understand as to how you can get a good job in this field without undergoing much hassle. Apart from that, if you have any questions or doubts to share, then you can get in touch with us. We would love to help you.

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Tips for finding the Best Solar panel Installer

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The rise in the popularity of solar panels has consequently resulted in the rise in demand for solar panel installation services as well. Choosing the right solar panel installer is not really an arbitrary exercise. There are several factors that one needs to consider before roping the installers in. However, if you educate yourself about these factors – choosing an installer shouldn’t really be a daunting proposition either. There is no dearth of solar power companies in Dubai but you should only choose one after you have ascertained that the following parameters are met.

Check the Company’s Reputation

Good reputation should ideally be at the heart of your search. When you are looking for solar installers – you should be serious about roping in only those installers that have ended up garnering a positive reputation for the work they have been doing for so many years. You will no really be able to gauge their reputation only by talking to them. Only when you are taking the trouble to go beyond face-to-face discussions can you actually find out how the company has fared in this regard. Look into the kind of track record that the company has ended up garnering.
You can end up gathering a lot of information about the credentials of the companies offering solar installation in Dubai by reading up online reviews.

Ask for Testimonials and References

While you are in talks with the company, do make sure that you are actually asking for references from them as well. The company should not be reluctant to provide you with testimonials or references from previous clients. Only when they are confident that their clients have good things to say about them, will they be more than eager to provide the references. If they are unwilling to do so, you can be sure that they will not really be able to meet your needs at any cost. You should wisely switch to some other company, in that case.

What about Workmanship Warranty?

It is important to consider the warranty offered by the solar installers. Different solar equipment are actually backed by different warranties. You should ideally settle for a comprehensive warranty – geared towards meeting your needs. Workmanship comes with its own warranty as well—it can vary from one to ten years. It is important to consider the warranty of work before getting professionals on board.

Is your Installer Visiting your Home?

It is important for the installer to visit your home so that they can plan their work properly. The company itself should be willing to pay a visit to your home and inform you about the panels that would suit your home in the best possible fashion. They can also throw light on the ways in which you can make your home more energy-efficient. It is the installer who should be willing to invest time in studying your house and suggesting solutions in accordance. If not, you should be wise enough to switch services.

Keep these points in view while you are in the process of looking for solar panel installers.