Benefits of Installing a Water Purification System

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Tap water contains various undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, different types of suspended solids and gases. Different kinds of industrial water purification systems are used to purify and disinfect water for human consumption and other purposes that might include medical, pharmacological or chemical use.

Thousands of people die every year because of consuming contaminated water or from waterborne diseases. As of 2014, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), this number stands at 842,000 deaths per year from waterborne diseases. Billions of people still lack access to clean drinking water. Simple techniques for purifying water at home can reduce water-related health risks and save lives every year. Techniques like, boiling water before drinking might help a little but it is not as effective as industrial water treatment. WHO and national governments have been trying to reduce death from waterborne disease in developing countries, setting it as one of the major goals in the public health sector.

Purification of water

Purification of water before consumption is extremely important to avoid serious health issues. Even though industrial water filtration systems use different methods to separate any particle that could cause health issues to purify the water, still installing a water purification system in households is a good idea to avoid any health risks.

Few of the benefits of installing a water purification system at home include:

  • Enhanced taste of the water: Water purifiers remove the taste and smell of the chlorine from water. Installing a whole house water purification system filters out unsafe chlorine, bacteria and other chemicals that are added in a small amount in water supplies to kill the bacteria. The strong odour of chlorine makes water impossible to drink and use in cleaning purposes as it leaves a lasting smell. Using a water purifier is recommended to get odourless water.
  • Removing lead from water: Some filters are designed to filter out the harmful lead that leads to various health issues including birth defects. Not only lead, but unfiltered water also contains other minerals such as copper and magnesium too, making it unsuitable for drinking. Installing a water purifier is the best way to get rid of these minerals.
  • Environment-friendly: Having a water purification system at home means you don’t have to buy water bottles. It is a one-time cost to install a system at home, and it will forever cut down the cost and use of plastic by getting rid of buying bottled water. In the US itself, 50 billion plastic bottles are bought every year, of which only 23 per cent gets recycled, the remaining plastics are dumped into landfills. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to disintegrate. So installing a water purifying system saves the environment from plastic.

While talking about installing water purification system, most people might think that installing a filtration system in the kitchen might be enough to get purified water, they often forget about hard water that is being used in cleaning and washing of clothes, bathing. Prolong use of hard water can causes damages to skin and clothes, leaving skin dry and leaving soap residue from the detergent on clothes. Industrial water purification system is not enough to get clean water at homes. It is not as effective as it would be with installing a home water purification system, which has become a necessity.

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